To: Wolf of the Woods

Do you see the signs? The ones that point to the spirit of the time?
It's encoded in rhyme, it's the new spring, the new Mersenne prime

That is it's mathematical, in the state for something new and radical
But for only the type that are free, no anti-oxidants or Zyklon B

Are you ready for the brake? To test the rotors and see if they're fake?
How much can one take? What can you do but let them eat their cake?

This goes out to the one, that takes a cross and uses it like a gun
With no setting for stun, you mow them down and call it done

Then take the crown jewels, sometimes in life you break the rules
Before us all the tools, we're instruments but not played for fools

You keep it running cool, on the rooftop lounging by the endless pool
It's the energy, the fuel, they don't want to be taught but you bring 'em to school

In other words it's elementary, because all the proof is evidentiary
Prepared, the faithful sentry, and everything beyond is supplementary

To the temple approaches the king, so that he can take them under his wing
And yet they continue to cling, but it isn't over till the fat lady sings

Until they bring untold gifts, it seems the hitchhiker may need a lift
And then it runs swift, when you don't have riches you have to have thrift

Then raise above the clouds, and elevate beyond the noise of the crowd
This is the horn that only blows loud, no one can hear except the proud

Shrouded in mysteries deep, and we pray for the lord our souls to keep
They sew what they reap, The Cartel awake while our enemies sleep

Get them hooked on phonics, so they can see that the world is Adonic
It's avoiding the chthonic, don't harsh the mellow and keep it Chronic

My Regards,
NFuhhhble DOOM