To: The Valiant Valkyrie

The thunder crashes and the skies part
They're the welcoming cries of a beautiful art

Still there's no need to be spurious
For these are the lives and times of the furious

And the fast, though ones wonders if it can last
It's a gamble I suppose, FUCK IT! lock and load

The road calls it's sweet song, the wait can't be long
With the wind at your back, what do you possibly lack?

And that's just when the real fun commences
There's nothing wrong with breaking some fences

Or mending them perhaps, with the Gucci bling bling
In this age to which we cling, it ain't over till the fat lady sings

Then the party starts, to show the art of dropping bombs
That's how you know there's nothing wrong

With any of us, it's rather an ideal situation
For it leaves the world with all the complications

Keep it simple, take the Chronic and smoke it away
For this is the dawning of a bright new day

Enraptured in D.R.E.A.M.s of combat that's surpeme
No need to keep it clean, chemically destory like Florine

And off to The Citadel, flying light speed like a bat out of hell
And finally sit back and relax because we're the fucking Cartel

My Best Regards,
NFuhhhble DOOM