To: The Patient Protector

Now's the time to run it back, new steel implies new tracks
Give it to them and CRACK! That's the sound of the smack
It's the full frontal attack, they don't know the deck is stacked
They keep trying but catch the flack, this game they can't hack

The next phase is perfeclty experimental, with results not coincidental
The plays being run are elemental, with a strategy that's central
Nothing about the product incidental, the style beautifully instrumental
The didn't buy it, it's only a rental, and slowly they're being driven mental

The laymen are all entirely crass, that's because they can't smell the Grass
Tackle them and take them to class, all they can do is fall on their ass
The riches they attempt to amass, they think it's gold but it's brass
There heads full of air and gas, they can't even see through the glass

Shut them down and make them punt, these fools are really just stunts
The Protector out on the hunt, his defense they can't confront
With no obligation to be Blunt, The Protector carries the brunt
Of the force of the battelfront, in the end you can only smile and grunt

All that's necessary is to hold the line, and then it turns out just fine
Polish the shield until it shines, the Captain America style design
You got the noose around them like twine, to their fate consigned
The clueless find it benign, they can't sense the impact of the divine

They're walking on eggshells, unaware that they're about to be expelled
Their moves their death knell, strapped to the hood like a gazelle
Waving their families farewell, each pawn wiped away foretells
Against the team they try to rebel, but they can't beat the Cartel

My Regards,
NFuhhhble DOOM