To: The Maximist

Oh great wizard of yore, lend me your ears
I have something you may want to hear

For these are days of struggle and strife
And it takes amazing effort to save a single life

I put on my robe and wizard hat, it's true
Memetics and cures coming out of the blue

Take a gander while you can at the wonders around
For on this blue dot much variety abounds

There is no great wisdom without folly unbounded
And each moment is one with which to be astounded

Hounded by the demons and dogs of hell
It's as if it's a trance or even a spell

But it goes well, it helps when you know the tells
They fell and the anger in their hearts was quelled

Leave them to their worries, in life you can't hurry
And they'll scurry away when they catch the flurries

Of magic, the likes of which the world rarely sees
That makes the Balrog scream like a banshee

Keep the maxims in mind and close to your heart
Like map and legend, just like reading a chart

If there's one maxim that I'm sure is not wrong
It's that life isn't short, death is so fuckin' long

But in the end, just try to keep them well
This is the way, this is the Chronic Cartel

My Regards,
NFuhhhble DOOM