To: The Dredditor

The attack comes from outer space, who can possibly win the race?
Can they even stand the face? Surely they can't keep up the pace

Of that assault that leaves them stunned, they panic and start to run
They can't even use their guns, and they fall like prey one by one

Coming in sly and invisible, the foes evidence is barely admissable
They're about to see the pinnacle, it's the apex, their war unwinnable

Because they're facing the best of the best, and they can't hope to past the test
In The Dredditor is danger coalesced, and each moment makes it manifest

The world is left to his conquest, but they're too deranged to be impressed
The Dredditor, never distressed, he mops them up and takes care of the rest

Then come the energy weapons, this predator's prepared for armageddon
If necessary that's where things will be heading, blades out for shredding

It's just rocking out with the hash, who needs C.R.E.A.M. when you've got cash?
It only needs some flair and flash, time for some skulls to be bashed

Then you make the scream and dance, that's the very last chance
When it comes down to it they only get a glance, until all the see is the lance

And then they find themselves impaled, it's The Dredditor's deadly cocktail
They gasp but can't inhale, with their last exhalation they know they failed

Then it's time to take out the trash, nice and easy no need to be brash
It's already done over in a flash, easy peasy and all that's left is ash

Off to the next target with drives ionic, the engines roar, their sounds symphonic
Off to space vibrations tectonic, another one done from the Cartel that's Chronic

My Regards,
NFuhhhble DOOM