To: Srsly Sunny

Riding on winged horses with beautiful glows
The soaring skies with radiant flow

Frightening power beyond all imagination
Bathed in peaceful light and illumination

Each and every step furious and fast
Each one reverberating, not one being last

Aghast faces all around, let them drown
Out into the sea, for there are places to be
And begot, if it's not too fraught with danger
But in truth they're just the random strangers

Of day to day life that's rife with friction
And though there's sometimes no diction
We keep on moving and switch to fiction
Fuck restrictions, ropes, bondage, rhymes

This is liberty unbound, the others may just come around
It's heart to heart, real beyond belief
And the fountain of youth has that promises sweet relief

Sometimes you just keep on sailing
It's better than sitting around and whaling
None of the that moby dick shit
Does anyone really need fat white chicks?

Unless you're Captain Ahab of course
Someone for everyone, no remorse

You've got to go out and get it, round two
The sun conintues to shine, what can you do?

Ready. Set. Go. keep those vibes harmonic
You're forever in the Cartel that's Chronic

My Regards,
NFuhhhble DOOM