To: Fluidic Chameleon

The dam breaks and the water rushes in
What would be the next mistake or sin?
Can we even hope to get by or win?
Akin to have nots and have beens?

It's the yin that comes from the kin
And then it's easy, go shin to chin
Wrestle them down and get the pin
Then don't stop and steal their skin

Feels the depths of the delight
Take them down and take a byte
And prepare the sacrifical rite
Seal the deal and make it airtight

Then drop them from great heights
The present dim, the future bright
With insight that brings the light
The foes done, completely contrite

That's how you know you're in the right
The kind of operation that flies by night
Raising above, the wind with the kite
They can't stand it, their faces white

Then enters the Fluidic Chameleon
Gangster, completely mephistophelian
The best abnormal, like Castillian
Bringing answers that are Aristotelean

It's flowing through life just like The Dao
It's the nonstop gambling, 600% Macao
It's down to earth, nothing highbrow
In the end to The Cartel they kowtow

The you go out and get the res
And try to do what the oracle says
This is raw, just like Ciudad Juarez
Next step, exterminate them like Cortez

The new rulers, the new Prez
The underground, like Alvarez
Common, like the name Flores
Grassroots, the new Cesar Chavez

It's the new machine, totally bionic
It's Alanis Morisette style ironic
They don't even know you're sardonic
Because you're in the Cartel that's Chonric

My Regards,
NFuhhhble DOOM