To: Deadly Demonst8tor

Time to get the down and dirty hustle
That's the start of the Kansas City Shuffle
They zig and you zag and give them the muscle
It's time to tangle and start the scuffle

Then hit the absinthe and get wild and crazy
It's the Apocolypse happening like Scorsese
That's how you know this life's no daisy
It's OK, just sit back and chow down the caprese

It's the 314, the π that makes circle complete
They come from the outside full of conceit
Against the Demonstr8tor they can't compete
They can't handle the rhythm it's totally offbeat

They hit the recliner and watch events unfold
Unable to stand up, can't overcome the threshold
The Demonstr8tor passing it out tenfold
And when it comes down to it their bodies cold

The fools strike and attempt every attack
Just take the knife out and get the payback
It's demonstration time, the endless ransack
They're messing with the killer, the zodiac

This is the type of animal that has fangs
The insanity begins and it's categorically on gang
The world can't even feel the upcoming pangs
Of the birth that leads to BANG! BANG! BANG!

There's the gang, the group, the Cartel, the triad
It's style impeccable, it's defenses ironclad
With more weapons than then WW2 Stalingrad
It's deranged, they can't even take the mad lads

They can't see the smoke, they aren't Chiefin'
That's how you know it's time for greiving
But they can't even catch you, already leaving
Demonstration done, already conceiving

It's the filthy lucre from the sweet clientele
This is purely 5 star, no shitty motels
It's war on all fronts, intensley parallel
They can't handle the Chronic Cartel

My Regards,
NFuhhhble DOOM