New Site Design

Welcome to my newly redesigned web-page. It's not that special but I had a number of design goals in mind when making this site. That I really focused on.

  1. Readable Content Above all I wanted it to be really easy for content to be read on the site. I'm focusing my writing efforts on longer posts and wanted to ensure that the content would be easy and enjoyable to read.

  2. Easier Editing I rarely updated my website before, in part because editing everything was a pain. I don't mind writing HTML, but writing HTML really breaks you out of the flow of writing. I want to be able to write and edit directly on the site in a way that's easy to do. To do this I've installed the markdown filter to make life a little easier

  3. Syntax Highlighting I've been wanting to have more code postings and demonstrations here, that can now be accomplished thanks to GeShi. It can be done just like this

echo "Sweet!";

There will be more to come in the future as well. I hope everyone like the new site design!