Digikam.org redesigned using Drupal!

I just found out that the Digikam website was redesigned using Drupal, awesome! I think that Drupal (especially with it's extensibility) is a real big win for a lot of websites, and with a little bit of know how a lot of impressive things can be done. This is especially true with Views and CCK, which hopefully will be pushed into Drupal core for Drupal 7.

Next Generation Comment Moderation for the Dot

While KDE 4.1 is really shaping up there are still some things that are really lagging behind in the land of the Kool, namely, the websites. If you've read comments on dot.kde.org within the last couple years you will have realized that like every other online community the quality of the comments range from being completely awesome, and also all the way down to being something akin to pond scum. It is the Internet after all, and on the Internet, everyone is our neighbor (including people with way too much time on their hands).

Blog Capabilities Updated

There was a small but certainly annoying problem with this blog.  Anonymous users could not write their name for commenting on blog posts.  But I'm happy to say that I wrote up a little module and now it's possible.  However, you should still take the time to register because then you won't have to go through a CAPTCHA to comment any more, nice!  More updates on the way soon.

Why I'm Here

So you may ask youself, "Why am I up here talking to you?".  After all, I am just a student; and you've heard much more important people than me talk earlier today.  But I think I have a couple things to share.
Ahh, it seems like I spoke those words a lifetime ago.  And since then a lot of things have changed within KDE, and again I'm wondering why I'm here.  Nonetheless I keep watching.