What We Should Aspire To

It isn't often that I come across something as cool as this. It's something that's simple, but really amazing. First, watch the video, then read the details.

These are the kinds of things that we should be aspiring to. Being on Linux (mostly), we can throw open the doors to make improvements. Maybe KDE should have a goal of a fully composited a usable desktop in ten seconds.

Twitter Me!

So I'm on twitter now. My wonderful twitter page is somewhat blank right now, but will be full of useful things in the future. Also, I want to follow any KDE and Drupal people on twitter. Put usernames or links in the comments so that I can follow you!

A triumphant return

This post is my triumphant return first to getting another blog post up (though the hiatus was not that long) and more importantly for the triumphant return of #kde-www. So listen closely yee wayfarer of the interwebs for this journey will be long an perilous (not really).